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People seek for competence and enjoyment, a place where their actions have impact on the environment. Games are part of their lives.

My Experience

Fast ProtoGames

One of my basis is fast prototyping. I enjoy creating simple games, improving my skills with the tools I professionally use, and developing my creativity to be faster evolving ideas into shippable products.

About me

Games are my passion. Since I started developing as GD, I have been involved into PC, Console and Mobile games from consultant to responsible GD positions. I have a complete perspective to match the needs between product and company.

I have been working as main GD the last 3 years in PC and Mobile environments.

Let’s evolve our world with breath-taking memorable games!

“An hour of Play discovers more than a year of conversation”

Plato (Philosopher)

Games are about experiences, the device only sets the environment. My profession is about inspiring emotions.

All my projects are made using motivation based design with specific targeting to create and enhance engaging experiences.

My last projects are:

“He joined Sekg about one year ago as an Intern but he become a key employee for the company very soon thanks to his knowledge about the gaming industry”

Aleix Canals (CEO Antidote.gg)
  • Prototyping as my daily basis for fast paced design
  • Iterate from agile environment to exellence
  • Strong product perspective. I work best with a general view of the product requirements
  • Analytical mind for creating complex game systems
  • Competence sets the market, learning from others to improve at home
  • Teamwork is a must. Alone, we go nowhere
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