Shooter for Dummies

The game has been selected to appear at GamesKeys – Top Steam Games To Tryout In September 2021! Want to know why? Keep scrolling…

Have you ever wondered how it was to feel like the dummy? Not that “newbie” guy, but the dummy… the object everybody shoots at!

But this is not a “torture game” or anything similar. We are enhancing the dummies! This game is all about it:

Protect your dummy | Clear the objectives | Claim your victory

In this fast paced game, teams have 5 minutes to finish the most common FPS gameplay modes:

  • Capture the Flag
  • King of the Hill
  • Team deathmatch
  • Rush
  • Conquest
  • Kill confirmed

But this would be pretty simple, don’t you think? The actual goal is not exactly that. The Goal: keep your dummy healthy… or at least healthier than the opponent’s team.

This game is about health!
This game is about protecting your dummy
Nothing else matters…
Just your dummy’s health

Stop bullying Dummies!

Start making them the heroes!

Does it feel interesting? Just try it out with your friends and have some fun! Games become crazy after the first 2 minutes, hope your dummy doesn’t gets mad!

Wanna create something together?

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Support contact
(+34)649 56 25 33

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