“We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success.”

Samuel Smiles

I have worked on both PC and Mobile environments as Game Designer from both consultant and responsible positions

During my experience I have developed myself as gameplay and systems designer having deep understanding of economy balance. Also, I have been involved from personal development with level design and UE4 programming. I have a wide perspective of a product and I am used to work from a full project perspetive.

Find some of my PC projects available on itch.io in my space: Fast Protogames!


Those who Came at RollDBox Games

Oct 2020 – present day

Coming soon 2022

At this project, I’m co-leading the project and doing all the Game Design and UX/UI tasks while working with advisors and collaborators on both areas to ensure the success of each.

The relation between product needs and gameplay needs usually does not match because of constrains and scope. That aspect of project management has been one of my key values over the time, and this amazing project is reinforcing and sharping my tools for a succeeding project on a constrained environment.

Key Insights

Since we are still developing, there are lots of key elements that will come over time. Despite of that, co-creating, co-leading, and teamwork are incredible tools to be trained. We are deconstructing all game theory to create an RPG non-violence based, where the feel of risk, thread and reward remains, without using a weapon… without using “bosses”. This game is enhancing all my skills as Game Designer, Product management and Leader.

MundoSlots at SGO

March 2019 – Sept 2020

Release: Sept. 2019

In this project I worked as unique responsible GD from scratch having a brief and 6 months to release. I got involved in all definition process and release procedures. After the release, I have been involved in the live-op systems as well.

After the launch of MundoSlots, the game has been top 1 in Spain as Social Casino since release.

I started to be involved with all company’s projects to help on their development while working on MS live-ops and developing an unanounced product.

Key Insights

I have learned a lot about game balancing and economy systems. I have improved my skills as system designer as I had to combine different environments into a social casino game. I have also improved how to design and prototype with small, modular and easy-growing games with infinite gameplay in order to ensure project’s freedom for live-op releases.

I have learned a lot in relation to managing product and company’s needs as well as working with stateholders for best understanding. Using Agile methodologies, I have been able to work with all roles and I have improved my knowledge and communcation with all roles: BI, Art, FE, BE, PO, Stateholders, MKT…

Sekg | Antidote.gg

January 2018 – February 2019

Release: Sept. 2018

In this project I worked as a consultant for B2B environments, creating documentation for in-development products, helping them to improve their games by testing with real players and tracking biofeedback with muscular responses and understanding player’s behaviours.

I worked mostly on 2 projects, while developing an eSports biometric system to improve training on the last days. Also I designed 2 concept games from scratch to preproduction status for global companies.

Key Insights

From this experience, I learned about player’s motivations and feature engagement. I deepely work with the conection of environment and mechanics to create specific dynamics and behaviours.

Also, I could be involved in all development process, valuing each role of the team and how importat are each one for the sucess or failure of the game. In addition, I deconstructed more than 100 games to create a database of sucessful games and what key elements they had.

Personal Projects

Loot’n Run

Quick Protogame

Release: May 2020

This project is a Quick Protogame and it was made in a 2-day work. The purpose of this small project was to create a fast paced level design with a simple mechanic limited to 1 button (1 click) input mechanic.

The game itself was a fun experience where to improve my knwoledge with UE4 and BP programming in a fast paced design process. From a personal inner will, I decided to create the game in a GameJAM environment for personal learning.

Key Insights

Creating this little game let me improve how narrative impacts level design and the environment. Also learned about making a clear and fluid path for players and learned about best control inputs based on the game typology.

I improved as well about making simple AI with UE4 and how to create responsible UI and simple system progression (as there is a evolution on lights needed and loot to be gathered). I learned for next games that – it is important that the level itself has to gide the player trough it but at the same time not give all the clues


University Final Project

Jun 2018

In this game we were focusing a real game conceptualization. We decided to create a benchmark, state of art, production capabilities… And we realized that one possible option was moving to “steampunk dystopian environment” (1 year later on E3, cyberpunk was being announced as well as other Steampunk / Cyberpunk games). This game was mentored by Hugo Lanchares from KING Barcelona.

I got involved as GD for this project and I created the whole game progression and system relations. Using and mastering Excel, I created the item relations and ratios to create a challenging game between cannons and ball types.

Key Insights

Here I learned the complexity of games and how players perception changes depending on the stages of the game, and how the same element can have different value depending on player’s perspective. One of the biggest challenges was to combine bullets and cannons and not to unbalance the game.

In addition, in this game I learned the meaning of “the perfect imbalance” as well understood as: the perfect balance is not necessary funny. Making also a dungeon basic system I learned about in-dungeon progression and difficulty growth.

IOWA Reforged

University Serious game – Ludopathy

Jan 2018

This project is important for me because was the first contact with serious gaming, and also working with a really tough addiction: ludopathy. The game itself is a recreation of the IOWA Task which is part of the procedure to detect ludopathy.

The meaning of the game was to create a necessity to the player with 2 initial minigames where to collect money and then a third game where they had to protect it, creating empathy to the coins and therefore a basic link. Then they where facing the real IOWA Task but instead of fictional initial coins, they had the amount they got after these 3 little minigames.

Key Insights

When facing a serious game, you need to masterize game design basic theory because we go to irrational area of the user. Also, this project helped me to create different emotions going through the different minigames and we realized that the third minigame whas quite interesting and challenging.

The task itself is a really useful tool, and this project sucessfully reinforced the idea of beting your money and finding short and long term perspectives. In relation to this point, this project made me learn a lot about how reward systems work and how to use them into the videogame environment.


University GameJAM winner

Oct. 2017

This game was an incredible first opportunity to meet 3DsMax modellation and fast paced level design. I like to mention this game as it was the winner of the University GameJAM.

Being part of the team as GD and 3D Modeller, I first met level design and simple gameplay design where to teach simple mechanics within little time.


Table Board game

Jan. 2015

To be able to work as videogame designer, first step and mostly important for fast prototyping, is to have at least one experience on phisical games: table board games.

This game was my first “serious” creation and I am really proud of it. We did talk with an editorial to ship the product but finnally we didn’t go further due to possible prize – production cost relation. This game was my first complex system and economy to be designed and 2 months later from our publication within the University, 2 similar board games appeared on the market, showing that the original idea would have been well received.

Billy The Penguin

First University Project

Release: Jan. 2015

In this project I firstly met game development as GD and 2d Animator. I learned the basics of game development. Although it wasn’t the best game of the year, most of professors considered it should have got an honour mention for its level design I did (understanding that the game was my first step into real game development)

Since that game, I have been enlighted by all the development process and fell in love with game design as a profession and not only as a hobby.

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