About Me

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Ferran Pérez

I consider myself an open minded person who loves new challenges to overcome. I’m developing my career as Gameplay and Systems Designer, while co-leading RollDBox Games.

Who I am

I always loved to design and create new ideas. From little drawings of worlds, which some of them I used for D&D campaings, to dungeons in Minecraft and world editing in Spartha The battle of Thermopylae. My passion and my hobby, have become my profession, and with them, the passion for designing games.

The best project is the one where I can learn new things through the creation process, improving my skills as Game Designer and improving the experience we create for best player enjoyment.

The Game Designer

Intro about my basics and musts for designing and how do I design

Where I got my skills and how my passion helps me to improve this

My soft Skills

  • Teamwork
  • Analytical Mind
  • Open minset
  • Product vision
  • Agile environment
  • Constructive feedback
  • Prototyping

The Gamer

I want to write about my hobbies and why my whole life goes around games and how I improve my professional soft skills with my gamer profile in Games and hobbies

Want to talk? This can be the start of an amazing story!

Get in Touch


(+34) 649 56 25 33

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